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  The culture of NHU comes from the deposition and accumulation of  twenty year’s history. Asen Pharmacy Co.,, Ltd. has been developing the culture over the past 10 years.The development of enterprises, not only need the management strategic guiding force, but also need to enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging of employee.When we heritage,practice and develop this Teacher Culture,Asen adds its own characteristic and put forward "science and technology to create the health" of the enterprise mission,follow the principle of "technology first, people-oriented" management philosophy, then put the concepts "health","happy"  into the daily work and life.It is the precious fortune of Asen ,which was worthy of collection and proud, and it will guide the power of enterprise value with personal value go together.

  Enterprise tene:create wealth, benefit society

   The company takes “create wealth, benefit society” as the enterprise tenet, “sci-tech create health” as enterprise mission and carries forward the enterprise spirit “creation, harmony and success”, closely cooperates with Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica of Chinese Academy of Science, China Academy of TCM, Shandong TCM University and other domestic many top sci-research organs, longtime engaged on developing and producing high-quality and high-efficacy new medicine. Such products as Progesterone Soft Capsules, Gongning Granule, Omidazole Tablets and Guipi Granule engaged by the company have high brand awareness and good market prospect. Having plunged into marketing practice and creation for many years, the company has now formed an Asen cultural marketing team and system, its marketing net covering all over the country.


Enterprise mission:Sci-tech Create Health

Enterprise mission of Asen is Sci-tech Create Health,which applies the modern science and technology, closely follow the development and change of disease, never tired to research and develop the safer, more efficient, more convenient treatment and health care products, improve the quality of human life.
As a Drug Enterprise, we should care for everybody’s health ,care for life, "added luster to the life with love".

  The enterprise values -- New Harmony Union
We make New Harmony Union  as Asen’s strong vitality guarantee.New, as the basis of Asen’s survival, develops power, the soul of the enterprise; Harmony,honest with our friends and partners, honest,trustworthy,and heavy promises; Union, join the markets competition with obstinate perseverance and confidence to win, to accomplish one and another goal and target of the enterprise in stages. 
    The concept of enterprise management -- People Oriented

  Asen has today’s brilliance is the result of all its staff’s intensive working. Taking people oriented, exerting people’s activity and creativity, setting achievement-efficacy check, rewards and punishment mechanism, guarantee the detailed execution and realization of the managing thoughts on the people oriented. The company trains the staff in the position, cares for the staff in daily life  and treats the staff well in welfare. Asen pharmacy is a big family, its employees are its family members. The company and the staff have mutual affinity, supplement each other, make progress and development together.

  Enterprise spirit -- seeking truth seeking Innovation seeking quality seeking efficiency
Seeking truth: practical and pragmatic, seek truth from facts, not undeserved reputation, not only form.Seeking innovation: seeking technological innovation, seeking new technology and new product development, improvement, application of new technology, improve the level of management with new constantly , open up the market with new constantly. seeking quality :seeking high quality products, high quality work. Seeking efficiency: seeking high efficiency, high production efficiency.
Asen’s behavior --Pay attention to the process in detail, seeking perfect results.